Monday, January 09, 2012

Crispy Nutella Truffles

This is my quick and easy Crispy Nutella Truffles recipe:

The first 2 dozen truffles from a test batch I made I rolled in cocoa and took to work to test out on my guinea pigs...uh, I mean beloved coworkers. Immediately I noticed that the truffle mixture was WAY too moist and the cocoa was just melting into what looked like a dark chocolate coating. I'm not crazy about cocoa or powdered sugar on these truffles even though it is traditional. I did try some of these rolled in crushed nuts and felt that it enhanced the flavor and the texture much more than the cocoa did.

You can mix these with a rubber scraper like I stated in the recipe. You could also just mix them with your hands like you would a batch of fudge. Or if you don't like getting dirty just throw everything in the bowl of a stand mixer and use the paddle attachment to blend.

These have a fairly rich and intense flavor, try starting with tablespoon size pieces and making them into single bite sized "poppers". The truffles I made from the first batch are about 3 or 4 bites a piece and that was too much to eat all at once.

I want to try freezing some of these and then dropping them into cupcake batter and have truffle cupcakes.

What I want to do, when I have time, is to dip a batch in chocolate. Half in milk and half in dark. Then I want to roll half of each half in chopped hazelnuts. A little bit like Ferrero Rocher, but without the solid nut in the middle.

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