Saturday, January 07, 2012


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Have you heard about this?

So what do you think? Is this a legitimate new theology that should be recognized as an official religion? Or is it just tech hippies wanting free stuff?

I am somewhere in the middle. I am an information junkie. I love researching, learning, and finding interesting facts...and I love sharing them. But I also believe that some people work very hard writing, composing, performing, researching, and creating things and that they should be fairly compensated for doing so. You wouldn't ask a restaurant to feed you for free with no act of compensation on your part. You wouldn't walk into a store and expect to walk out with a cart full or food or clothes or electronics and not have to pay. How would you feel if people expected you to do your job for free, gratis, nothing in return?

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However, I don't believe that their basic principle is entirely wrong: Copying information is an holy act.

I won't go in depth into my personal spirituality and religious beliefs here, but I will say this: I believe that part of our responsibility/destiny/purpose as humans is to learn as much as we possibly can and then to use that information to help others and make this world a better place.

But I also believe that one must always respect the laws and leaders of one's country, and also the personal rights of others. If you don't like a leader...peaceably work to install a new one. If you don't like a law...peaceably work to have it reformed or repealed.

With all that being said, or typed actually, I think that video on their website is just plain creepy.

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