Thursday, January 12, 2012


In September of 2010 I lost the necklace that I had worn on my wedding day, and I have been looking for it ever since. It was my first day out of training at my new job and I grabbed the necklace off of the dresser thinking I'd put it on when I got to work. I thought I put it in my pocket or in my purse, but when I got to work and looked I couldn't find it.

I've looked all over my house.

I've looked in my driveway and the little yards on either side of it.

I've looked in my purse.

I've looked in my car.

I still have the matching earrings but can't find the necklace anywhere. I had originally purchased it from Red Envelope and I contacted them to see if they still carried it but sadly they didn't.

So if you see or find a necklace that looks like this...

And has a lobster claw clasp and 3 ring adjustable chain like this necklace from Red Envelope...

Please let me know, I miss it.

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