Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Store Closing

UPDATED UPDATE: Honk's is now completely closed.
UPDATE: Honk's has now cut the price of all items by 50%. That means every items still in the store is $0.44.

Honk's $1.00 store in Logan is closing for good. I am disappointed because it was my preferred dollar store here in town and they always had the best selection of balloons and party supplies. Looks like I have to switch to the Dollar Tree in the old Gart's Sports location now.

They currently have all regular items marked down to $0.88. All items in the ice cream freezer are just $0.50 and all holiday items are 4 for $1.00.

They are packing up most of the inventory and sending it to other stores, so the store looks fairly picked over. There are still some good items left, but hurry because they are hoping to be completely closed by next Monday.

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