Saturday, February 11, 2012

Herm's Inn

UPDATE: Herm's Inn is now officially open to the public, 7am to 2pm every day.  Their website is

The latest local restaurant in town is Herm's Inn.

For a little bit on the history of the property please check out this blog post by the previous owner's daughter

The building was in sad disrepair and had been abandoned for years when Jim Laub, owner of Cache Valley Electric, purchased it and launched an extensive renovation. The architect responsible for the overhaul of the building has posted photos of the interiors on this blog

This visible gas pump was a gift to the owner from the gentlemen of the Bluebird Coffee Club.

If you aren't familiar with the location it may be a struggle to find it, especially if you haven't spent time navigating your way around "the island". It is located on 1435 E Canyon Rd next to the turn off for the USU Ropes Course and not far from first dam. Here are a couple photos of the restaurant, they were taken from the parking lot of the ranger station on 400 N, across from the country club.

The quickest way to find the restaurant is to head east on 400 N towards the first dam park, make a hard right onto Canyon Road at the park and follow it past the USU Water building, it will be the first red brick building with a green roof on the right hand side of the road. You can also get there by heading up Center street and turning left onto Canyon Road by Merlin Olsen park and following it East.

I don't know when they are officially opening for business but today they hosted a breakfast for the people who live in the neighborhood surrounding the restaurant, which I assume means they are pretty close. When I find out when they are opening, business hours, official website, social media pages, phone number, menu, etc...I'll post it here in a business of the week spotlight.

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