Friday, February 17, 2012


Just a quick reminder about the event lists. 

These lists are compiled from various event lists around the valley to try and provide the most comprehensive list possible, since we really don't have one master event list.  If you want to see my sources please click on the link below...

You can find this page and these websites any time by clicking on the Cache Valley Event Links at the top of the page.  My thanks go out to the organizers of all these calendars and to the event sponsors who send me their write ups or flyers to post in the event lists.  I LOVE being able to share everything that's going on in this valley, in one convenient spot so that people don't have to hop from calendar to calendar to find out what's available.

Everytime I complete a list and publish the finished product on the blog I will make a post on the blog's facebook page.  Click on the Facebook link on the side of the blog to go straight there, click "Like" and you'll get updates on the lists as they are published.


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