Wednesday, June 20, 2012

All The Pretty

Dear Kim,

Thanks for all the pretty on my desk at work, beautiful things really do make my day go by faster.  Please get back in the glass studio soon and make more.  Also, get yourself an etsy shop or ebay shop so you can sell it.  Now if only you could do something about the music selection in the office here so I don't need to invent ear bleach.


PS - How's that search going?  Remember my list of qualification...I trust you to do the impossible.


Keri-Anne said...

pot calling the kettle... about the etsy/ebay shop o talented one i have often wondered why you dont have one..and if you do why i havent heard about it!

Also those are stunning pieces, i would totally buy all 3

The Suzzzz said...

What would I sell? I'm not exactly crafty, artsy, homey. I've learned that I'm subpar at needlepoint, crochet, knitting, sewing, painting, and just about everything else. I'm much better at buying the products of other people's talent, rather than trying to produce my own. That's a talent...appreciating other people's work and spending money. See?

Keri-Anne said...

Your photography skills, for one.
AND do not put yourself down. I would like to see your attempts at all of them to be a judge. I bet you are NOT subpar at all. and as for homey uh who actually WANTS that skill! yeuch i say!

The Suzzzz said...

I mean homey as in handicrafts for the home, decorating a home etc. Hard to be a photographer with nothing other than a phone camera and a 3mpx point and shoot that is on death's doorstep. I still have my film cameras but it is too expensive to shoot film any more. I really ought to sell my medium format but all my film cameras are living on top of my kitchen cupboards as decoration.