Monday, June 25, 2012

Get High - Hike

In recent years I've started hiking more and more.  Not only do you get the great endorphin rush from the exercise, there is something exhilarating about standing on top of a mountain and looking out at the world.  It is no wonder that so many cultures all over the world revere mountaintops as sacred.  The mountains near my home are very special to me, not only for the wonderful memories I've made there with friends and family, but also because of the peace I feel when I am hiking in their stunning beauty.

Last year I wanted to celebrate my birthday with a gifts, no party, just a hike on Crimson Trail with people I love, we had a great morning hike on Crimson Trail (and a nice cold wade through the flooded riverside trail).  This year I've been hiking exactly twice and June is almost over.  So when my friend Andrea asked if I had any plans for my birthday on Wednesday I said no and she suggested a hike.  If anyone would like to join us on June 27th about 6pm at the Wind Caves Trail in Logan Canyon, I would love to have you hike with me to start out my 33rd year on the right food, literally.

Keep in mind that while Wind Caves is a relative short trail in length, the trailhead starts at about 5,000 feet about sea level and it climb about 1,000 feet over almost 2 miles and can be challenging if you aren't in relatively good shape or aren't used to the altitude.  Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and supportive hiking boots or shoes.  Bring enough water to last you about 2 hours, and bring a sack dinner to eat when we get up to the caves.  The view of the canyon from the caves is definitely worth the climb.

If anyone wants to go hiking this summer and would like a companion please contact me!  Saturdays are my best time and I generally like to start very early so I get back to Logan in time to work and run errands.  I really want to get in Old Juniper, White Pine, and Crimson Trail again this year...but I'm up for just about any trail in the valley.


Keri-Anne said...

sounds awesome! people are really trying to keep you out of trouble this week!

The Suzzzz said...

You say that as if you expect to get a 2am phone call asking for bail.

It's Time to Live said...

Stumbled into your blog - sometimes the best places to hike are not on the established trails where everyone else goes. I like to “wander” most anywhere. Away from people and noise you find wildlife waiting for a portrait. You find quiet, peace of mind and the ability to really see nature as it was created and how it works.

The Suzzzz said...

I agree about the quiet places on your own unforged path. There is something awe inspiring and spiritual about being in the heart of the natural world, almost celestial.