Friday, June 15, 2012

Long Time No See

So it has been almost 2 months since my last post.  And almost 4 months since I gave up trying to blog seriously.  If anyone still reads this I'm sorry if you keep coming back to this virtual wasteland, dead blogs are sad.  I keep thinking I'll start posting again when I feel better, but who knows when that will be. 

My birthday is June 27th, I'll be turning 33.  I read an article earlier this year saying that a study has shown that the happiest year of life is supposed to be your 33rd, sorry but I'm feeling gyped at the moment.

So pre birthday assessment of life: divorced (wedding rings still for sale), working 1 full time dead end desk job, working 1 part time cleaning job, working 1 part time massage therapist job, working 1 part time food prep job, own 1 house (still for sale), own 1 '97 chevy lumina, no children, 1 psycho dog, 2 chinchillas, have a grand total debt of $102k, no savings, no retirement, no degree, no major health problems, no hobbies, 25 pounds overweight, out of shape, have 2 great parents, have 6 great siblings and 6 great siblings in law, have 13 wonderful nieces and nephews, no social life, no ambition, 1 desperately needed weekend birthday trip planned to L.A. to stay with a friend and see War Horse.

What is it Monty Python says?  Always look on the bright side of life?  Only lately it seems more like "nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition".  *sigh* So is the cliche true, "It's always darkest before the dawn"?  I'm a little lost right now, a little lonely, and a lot of weird and internally messed up.  I've tried to stay positive and keep the negative at bay...honestly some days it isn't worth getting out of bed but I do it anyway.

Who knows maybe after my birthday things will pick up, maybe it will be lucky 33 after all.

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Sara said...

#1 - awkward hug from SIL. #2 - you are doing awesome and need to cut yourself some slack.It will take time to feel normal in this new phase of life #3 - you are one of the most generous, sincere, hard working people I know. The list of qualities you have is too long to list. #4 - Things will get better and I think great things are ahead for you but sometimes you have to wade through the sludge for a while to get there, so hang in there. #5 - come hang out with us anytime...CJ loves his Aunt!