Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pre-Birthday Weekend Road Trip

So remember that post last week about the cell phone number I didn't recognize?  My friend from that post met me at my house in Logan on Friday after I got off of work, loaded up my car with my pack and my dog and all of Keri-Anne's kit and we drove to Jackson, WY for the weekend.

We headed up through Logan Canyon and stopped at La Beau's in Laketown for dinner and milkshakes and a chat.  Then we moseyed our way up the highway around the lake towards Jackson.  We ran into my former cousin-in-law Russ up in Montpelier in a random happy coincidence, it was good to see him again if only for a minute or two.

In a rural mountainous area about an hour or so outside of Jackson we came across a truck pulling 2 rafts on a trailer.  I figured my karma needed a boost since a bird committed suicide under the front of my car a few minutes earlier, so we stopped to see if we could help.  Turns out the truck had just stopped working and they couldn't get any cell phone receptions.  The husband stayed with the truck and his wife and her niece rode with us into Alpine where we dropped them off with another member of their group.

We made it into Jackson about midnight and spent the night in my parents' condo in Creekside Village.  We each claimed our rooms and went straight to bed.  We both slept in and I got up around 9am and took Molly for a run on the wonderful Jackson town trails, we took the Flat Creek section and headed West and made it to the high school and back.

After the run Keri-Anne and I changed into our swimsuits and shorts and grabbed a late breakfast at Bubba's then headed over to Mad River to check in for the white water trip Keri-Anne had signed us up for.  I've rafted on the river before but it has been YEARS, I was very excited to get back on the water.  They bussed us down to the boat ramp in the canyon and we were assigned Nate as our river guide.

There are a couple long calm stretches between rapids on the Snake river where we were allowed to play "wheel of fortune" or voluntarily jump out and swim for a while, I took advantage of both areas and really enjoyed it.  The river is very cold and the first time takes your breath away but it is addicting and the second time was even better.  When we got out at the last boat ramp I was sad that it was over, I really could have spent all day on the water.

To see photos of our raft at the Lunch Counter rapid just click on the following link, if you look closely you can see a surfer in the background of a couple of our photos, Lunch Counter creates a standing wave and there were several surfers there riding it.

Sorry but those are the only photos you'll see of this trip.  I was too busy relaxing, having fun, and just enjoying the weekend to even think of fishing my camera out and taking shots.

After we got back to the condo and got cleaned up we headed out to the village and rode the aerial tram to the top of Rendezvous Mountain.  The sky was clear and you could see forever in every direction.  The temperature at the base of the tram was about 84F the temperature at the top of the mountain was about 60F.  We ate brown sugar/butter waffles at Corbet's Cabin for dinner and enjoyed the altitude buzz, then finished the small climb to the very top and took in the views before heading back down.

After we got back to town we took in the main street shoot out and then headed back to the condo and had a quiet movie night before turning in.  This morning involved the rough task of sleeping in again, and taking Molly for another beautiful jog along Flat Creek.  Then it was church at 11, followed by tidying up the condo and then the drive back to Logan, this time Via Soda Springs/Preston route.  Back in Logan, Keri-Anne packed up her Prius and headed back to one piece, mostly the same color she arrived in, and hopefully content with a most excellent weekend.  We didn't even have to call anyone to come bail us out of jail, so I'm chalking this weekend up as a win.

For some strange reason a quote from the TV show M*A*S*H kept playing in my head all weekend "Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice", sometimes you just have to take the plunge.  It was a brilliant weekend and I am so happy it all came together.  A HUGE thank you to Keri-Anne for everything, you are awesome and I love you to pieces.

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