Friday, June 15, 2012

The Secret To Comedy... TIMING!

So the pity party was in full swing here, pathetic, I know.

Then I get a text from a phone number I didn't recognize.  Not unusual, for a while a girl was giving my phone number out to people as her fake number so she wouldn't have to talk to them, I was used to it by now.  But this text was timed perfectly to kick my butt out of the pity party house.

Most of the time I roll my eyes, sigh, and reply with a "Who are you trying to reach?  I think you have the wrong number".  Sometimes I like to play with them a little bit.  Today was a day that I needed to be silly so I played with the Cell Number I Didn't Recognize (CNIDR).  It went something like this...

CNIDR: Not sure this is you....But my phone says it is....I'm desperate to do something and I thought make a weekend of it? Road trip where shall we go? Youfigure that out while I'm on the road.  Need to know ur in before I come get you so decide in the next 20 mins k!  GO! oh and don't say no!

Me: I vote for anywhere but here and let's not ever come back, ok? In fact do you know any travelling circuses, we should fake our deaths and join one of those and then live happily ever after off the grid among the carnie folk. Let's do it!

CNIDR: Hahahahaha ok I'm packing up!  What time do done at work?

Me: 6pm, I'll be the one on the corner in the zebra striped pants and hot pink cowboy hat.  We should get a gift for our future carnie folk family, do you think they'd like pemican?  Or maybe some nice potpourri...I hear elephants can get smelly.

CNIDR: You are messing with my mind woman.  But I am leaving now so you better be ready.

Me: But I'm not a that a problem? don't tell me you want me to get the sex change operation now after I got my deposit back!

CNIDR: Sigh, who is this?

Me: Seriously though, 2 things, #1 I'm worried about your safety, arrive alive don't text and drive, and #2 I really am a woman but probably not the woman you are looking for...ok I lied, three things, #3 thanks for giving me a smile, I really neeeded some silliness today, I didn't mean to string you along but it has been a bad week and I got to pretend life was fun again for 5 minutes, thanks.


So at that point I told them who I was and they told me who they were...turns out that it is my lovely friend who might not want me to publicly out her after that conversation so we'll just say she's a really good sport and leave it at that.  I didn't recognize her number since the one in my phone was 5 years old and from when she lived in Utah.  Probably a good thing it wasn't a stranger, who knows how they would have taken that.

We're totally road tripping next weekend, yes it is on like donkey kong.  Now all I have to do is find some zebra striped pants and a hot pink cowboy hat.


Keri-Anne said...

Lol seems like i was writing on your fb wall while you where writing over here!!! you left out my fav part it went like this

best morning ever! will be wondering around with grin/smirk the whooooole day!!!! oh and im thinking,r:29,s:118,i:187&tx=51&ty=83 and instead of cowboy hat died pink hair???

The Suzzzz said...

That outfit is fierce, I wonder if it comes in my size. I don't have any pink hair extensions but I have some clip in hair extensions in blue, green, purple, red, or white.