Thursday, November 29, 2012

4 Random Unrelated Questions

Does anyone in Cache Valley know where I can get a high test gasoline that doesn't have any ethanol in it?  I've stopped at 5 stations this week and all of them had the ethanol stickers on the pumps.  The '72 Mercedes 450 SL is surging more than ever and based on the suggestions of my sainted and long suffering mechanic I want to run the crap gasoline out of it and fill the tank with a high blend ethanol-free gas and see if that helps.

I really need to get a new battery for the Chrysler and have my mechanic check the electrical, and get it in better shape before it starts snowing again.  Between the day job, my lovely massage clients (really I love you gals), I never have time to get this stuff done during the work week and since I do my cleaning job on Saturday I want to spend the rest of the weekend vegging.  The older I get the less and less attractive a 50 or 60 hour work week seems and the more I miss silly things like my bed, sunshine, and hobbies.

I suggested to Russ (my patient if carmaggedon weary mechanic) that I should just pay him to teach a class called cars for dummies and I'd be his first pupil.  The look on his face was a mixture of pity and something else I couldn't put my finger, probably horror at the thought of me in his shop doing anything other than standing off to the side playing with his wife's dogs.

I don't have any massage clients tomorrow after my day job.  I wanted to go up to the university and hit up all 3 art sales (printmaking, photo, and ceramics), does anyone want to go with me or meet me there?  I'll probably leave straight from work, anytime after 6ish, since I'll already been on the hill.  Even if you don't want to buy anything it is like hitting up 3 free art shows.  I promise I won't judge since I'm pretty broke myself and never turn down free entertainment that doesn't involve rolling hobos for quarters.

Any suggestions getting Molly The Wonder Dog's nails clipped?  I cut having her groomed out of the budget and have been trying to do it at home and they are ridiculously long and she's way too strong for me.  I've tried using one of those dremel like tools on her and she freaked out so bad she wouldn't let me touch her for 2 days.  I can usually get 2 or 3 nails done with the regular clippers before she let's me know she's had enough of my shenanigans   It was easier to make a stranger be the bad guy, and it sounds ridiculous but I don't want to alienate her because she's kind of the only person I want to talk to for hours or days at a time.  Oh geez, I just realized how crazy that sounds, but true is true...most days I prefer horses and dogs to people.

Does albuterol make anyone else's stomach churn for an hour or two after a run?  I've been using it for a couple weeks now and it is improving my runs (gee a whole mile without stopping because I feel like I'm going to suffocate), it wasn't the magic bullet I hoped it was (my lungs still give out before my legs do) but I have noticed a difference.  The downside is I used to eat after running because if I ate before exercising I'd yak during the run, but now if I look at food after a workout it makes me want to throw up.


nicole lindsay said...

I'm blog stalking the moment an noticed you are looking for ethenol free gas. Try Jardine's. It's on 1070 west, 200 north. Their high grade is ethenol free. It's what we use.

The Suzzzz said...

Thanks Nicole! I'll take it down there when I'm ready to fill up.

nicole lindsay said...