Thursday, November 29, 2012

Meet My Facebook Friends...

...they're kind of super awesome.  This is my post from Facebook last night, and their responses.
I need a personal shopper with a lot of confidence to go to the store for me. I kind of feel judged by the teenage check out girl when the only things I put on the belt are nutella, dill pickles, cheese, and hair dye. My ego can't take any more weird looks, I could almost hear her mind wondering what sort of strange evening awaited me at home. Either that or she was profoundly bored and was thinking about Justin Bieber or whoever the kids scream at these days.·

  • Suzanne  Either that or she was horrified of a vision of herself in 15 years on the other side of the checkout stand, hard to tell.

  • Keri-Anne lol! make it a game

  • Suzanne  I guess I could have really blown her mind and come up to the register with a can of whipped cream and a box of condoms...this is sheltered old Logan after all. But that would have been a waste of a box of condoms.

  • Keri-Anne  psh whatever, dont they make the best balloons ;)

  • Matt  Pregnancy test and a wire coat hanger is a classic.

  • Rebecca  I love it! The post and the shopping list.

  • Cordelia Duct tape, rope, razor blades, lighter, cigarettes. Wear sunglasses, gloves and a hoodie. Don't talk, don't smile, maintain poker face. Pay in cash. As you're leaving, look into the security camera and smile.

  • Suzanne Cordie all that is missing from your list is a car battery, a tiny set of jumper cables, and a large plastic sheet.

  • Sandee theyre jealous lol

  • Cordelia Well, jeeze Suzanne, I didn't want to give away ALL of my secrets!

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