Saturday, November 17, 2012

No bloggers were hurt in the making of this post...

...also no truckers were hurt in the making of this post. 

Although I can't say the same thing for my car or the bumper of the semi.  We get the award for the dumbest slow motion accident in history.  Feel better that your Saturday didn't include something like this.

A couple things here.  #1 - I hate 4 way stops.  B - Even when they are empty, semis can't stop on a dime.  And lastly, I kept thinking that the first cop on the scene was freakishly tall, but then I realized I was standing in a ditch and he was standing on the road.  When I walked up to the road he was merely just very tall and I was still my hobbit short self.

So it looks like I'm going to take on that fourth job after all.  Until then if you see me around town on my bike please don't honk and point out the fact that I'm a loser, I've had enough suck for one year.  I keep telling myself that there is an upshot here, I am going to have killer legs after riding my bike to my jobs all winter. 

There goes my Saturday.  I was planning on going to the late showing of Lincoln after I got done at my cleaning job.  Now plans include going home and changing into the frumpiest clothing I own (trust me I can outfrump the best of them) and camping out on my couch under a duvet and eating the entire contents of my treat cupboard along with my reserve of cookie dough from the freezer.  All I need now is about a dozen cats and my life long ambition to be a crazy cat lady will be complete.


Matt said...

Looks like it should buff out to me :)

The Suzzzz said...

I know right? But apparently my mechanic thinks it would cheaper and safer for every human in the world if I just stick with public transportation or something powered by my own legs.