Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Twins

Pets in my house never keep their original names for long.  Molly the wonder dog has been alternatively known as Gordita, Vampira, Jenny (I hated that one), Polly wog, and Roisin Dubh.  These days I mostly call her Molly, so at least that's settled.

I have two male chinchillas.  Their original names were Gwynn and Cuibhan (don't ask).  I generally refer to them as the furbies or the chins.  Lately I've been thinking it is time for new names.  For now they are called Leopold and Loeb, because look at them, they are definitely plotting something. 

I think maybe tomorrow they shall be known as Moto & Guzzi...or at least for the next few hours until something else pops into my head.  I was thinking of changing the names weekly, but that could change to daily or hourly depending on how bored I get.  Stay tuned.

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