Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When in doubt, cook.

Since I had no massage clients scheduled last night, I decided a little kitchen therapy was in order.  So I got home and changed out of my work clothes and into my comfy clothes and got busy.  Cooking music provided by the Ramones, the Clash, Joan Jett, Social D, the Kinks, and Cowboy Mouth.  Recipe was onion soup les halles.

That's right, all this awesomeness belongs to me.
The result: I relieved my stress by slicing about a million onions AND now I have a kick-ass lunch for the next few days.   Trust me third degree burns from melted Gruyere aren't fun but they are so worth it.  Feel free to hate me now because this tastes of pure awesomeness.  Although the downside is that my house now smells like bacon and caramelized onions, but at least my fridge has something other than beverages and condiments in it now.

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