Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Buh-Bye Gary

First he said he was staying...

And now apparently he's jumping ship on a program that he said he didn't want to leave.  Oh and he's taking his coaching staff with him and gutting the USU football program.  You can catch up on the local gossip "news" here:

I can't blame him, if someone offered me a multimillion dollar contract I'd jump too.  I just wonder if that offer includes laser tattoo removal treatments, a free UofW tattoo to replace the Aggie logo, and a couple of free dog tags for when he changes the names of his great danes, good thing one of them was named Big Blue and not True Blue.  I guess there is a lot more to life than money...and that is MORE money.

A lot of people are upset, a lot of people are supporting him, and a lot of people don't is after all, just a game.  For better or worse it gives the locals something to talk about.

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