Saturday, December 01, 2012

Happy Place

Today I decided that since I can't actually make it back to my happy place, I would at least post some photos to remind me of it.  This place being, or course, Kona.  And now I want Mo' Bettah Steaks and some POG for dinner, *sigh*.

Kona Bay at sunset.  We didn't get a single green flash in the whole two weeks, but who can complain when sunsets are this pretty?
Ali'i Dr. in the evening.
Cruise ships pull into the bay on the same day every week, the town population almost doubles for a few hours.

Aloha Theatre in Kainaliu
Can you believe that no one wanted to stay in Kainaliu for a showing of "The Toxic Avenger: A Musical"?!?
Gross name, tasty candy.  You can buy some here: 

Official start of the Ironman Parade of Nations, just a few days before the race.
We took a drive up North and had a great sushi lunch in Hawi at Sushi Rock (order "The Way We Roll" or anything with their lilikoi bbq sauce) and then drove over to Kapaau to pay our respects to King K.
Looking North on the lonely road from Kealakekua Bay (gateway to the Captain Cook Memorial, located just below those distant cliffs) to Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau (The Place of Refuge).
Looking South on the same road in the previous photo.

The Place of Refuge park entrance.
Ki'i guarding the Hale O Keawe in PofR.
More PofR ki'i

Panoramic view looking West from inside PofR.

A replica outrigger canoe.

View of PofR from the road leading back up to Hwy 11.

St. Benedict's aka The Painted Church, well one of them, the other is down by Volcano.  This church is located East of PofR just before you get back to Hwy 11.  The following photos show the murals in the church.  To find out more go here  The story is remarkable.

Panorama of the ceiling in St. Benedict's.

Panorama of the North wall.

Panorama of the South wall.

Dad at the Kona Brewing Co waiting for lunch.  This place has ono kine grindz y'all and apparently (according to my friends who drink) some awesome micro brews.

I love Hawaii in general and the Big Island specifically, Ktown just feels like home.  It is a pathetic admission but every time I get on the plane to fly back to the mainland I cry.  So until I save up enough to make it back, this song by Gaelic Storm ( if my new anthem (minus the thong bikini par, because as previously state here on this blog, the world is NOT ready for that sight.):

Proof of my addiction to this place, we left these on the wall at Lulu's 8 years ago.

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