Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Savannah's BBQ

Logan once again has a full service barbecue restaurant.  You know I love Rollin' West but they are a food truck with a limited menu and they aren't open every day (especially in inclement weather).  So I'm happy to announce the re-opening of Savannah's BBQ!

SBBQ was originally located in the former Kate's Kitchen/Smoking Blues building in Providence.  You can read my review from their early days in that location here.  Savannah's closed down after that building experienced some flooding during the severe flooding last spring.  Recently they moved into the location that Firehouse Pizzeria vacated earlier this year.  The basic layout of the restaurant is still the same as it was when Firehouse was in there and they've retained the same unpadded, flat, wooden benches in the booths, but Savannah's has done some remodeling and made the place their own.

As I mentioned in this post, I had been wanting try out the restaurant myself.  Lucky for me I didn't wait very long.  I stopped in for a solo dinner the other night and really enjoyed the food.  There are a couple things to keep in mind when you try Savannah's for yourself. 
  • #1 - This is a soft opening, they are still a new establishment right now and it will take time for them to get the food, service, and atmosphere just right.  Be gentle and forgiving if things aren't absolutely amazing the first time around.  I like to give every new restaurant at least 3 tries, a couple months apart, before I decide if I love or hate them. 
  • #2 - Don't sit anywhere near the doors, every time someone walked in the cold air blew in and froze me out and really cooled off my food.
  • #3 - They don't have a liquor license yet, but they are working on it.  They plan to serve a selection of beers and wine, but will not have a full bar. 
  • #4 - If you're short, you may not want to sit at the bar.  I'm 5'4" and I felt like a little kid because the counter was so high.
  • #5 - The servers and kitchen staff all wear t-shirts with the logo on them, if you need a manager look for the folks in the black button down shirts with the restaurant logo on them.
  • #6 - The desserts weren't listed on the menu I had, so make sure to ask about them, trust me, you'll want to try them.
    Check out their menu here.  The evening started off with corn bread and a side of honey butter.  If I'm not mistaken there was some jalapeno mixed in, but it wasn't overly hot, it simply added a mellow heat that really enhanced the sweetness of the bread.  It had that great crumbly texture that I love in cornbread and was moist enough that it didn't really need the butter.

    I ordered the onion rings to start with but they were out so I changed my app to the frickle basket.  Frickles = Deep fried pickles.  In this case they were corn meal breaded dill pickle spears and jalapeno bottle caps.  I've had frickles before, but they have always been the crinkle cut dill pickle chips dipped in goopy batter and fried until they were a tasteless blob.  These frickles were a huge step up from all other frickle experiences.  They were lightly fried to perfection, leaving the pickles and jalapenos moist but firm and the breading had a light but nice crunch to it.  They were served with a side of ranch but really they didn't need it.

    Next up was the holy trinity of BBQ: ribs, pulled pork, and brisket platter.  The entree came with 2 sides and I chose the pepper jack mac 'n cheese and the coleslaw.  The mac was a fun take on a southern classic and I really enjoyed it.  The coleslaw was lightly sweet but the predominant flavor that I got was black pepper.  It wasn't tangy or crunchy and was overly sauced for my taste but I'm weird about my coleslaw preferences so don't take my word on it.  I would love to maybe see southern greens (collard, mustard, beet...whatever they could get), hush puppies, baked sweet potatoes, caramelized apples, or black eyed peas end up on the sides menu at some point in the future.

    The ribs had a nice bark and when you bit into them they had just the right texture and mouth feel.  They were moist without being soggy and had a great amount of chew without being tough, the meat easily pulled clean from the bone.  The ribs come sauced unless you specifically request them to come with just the dry rub they were smoked in.  The pulled pork was good but a little on the dry side and was served undressed with a choice of sauces on the side.  The brisket was served nekkid as well (as it should be), it was tougher than I like but had a good smoke ring and a decent flavor...but then again I'm a horrible brisket snob (sort of like my weird pickyness with the slaw), so you may love it, try it for yourself before you decide.

    They are planning on having a selection of sauces in squeeze bottles on the tables, but for now they are served in a cup on the side of the plate.  The three sauces that came with it are their signature sauce (sweet with robust apple flavor), the mustard/vinegar sauce (tangy and my favorite of the three), and slightly smokey dark sauce that I can't remember the name of but it was somewhere between a KC style sauce and a Texas style mopping sauce, hint of smoke and not overly sweet.  With the pulled pork I found myself longing for a North Carolina or Kentucky style vinegar sauce, I love me some pig juice.

    No napkins or wet wipes, just plenty of old school paper towels on the tables.
    What meal would be complete without dessert?  Do you see the sacrifices I make you, dear readers?  For dessert SBBQ has a selection of dump cakes to choose from.  I went with the chocolate caramel and loved every bite.

    I sat at the counter/bar area in front of the open kitchen.  As much as I hate open kitchens (worst restaurant "innovation" ever, at least in my book) this one wasn't bad and since I was eating alone it was nice to be able to have the staff close by to answer questions and chat with.  The owner, Travis, was there overseeing everything and checking in with the customers.  They had some good blues music on the PA system and the restaurant was all dolled up for Christmas.  After taking care of my check I ambled out of there with full take away box that provided lunch and dinner the following day, the portions are more than generous.  Over all I enjoyed my meal and the feel of the restaurant.

    Please stop by when you have a chance and try it for yourself, they are located at 880 S Main, Ste 180, Logan, UT.  Like them on Facebook for all the latest news, deals, and maybe even the chance to score some free grub.

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