Thursday, July 19, 2012

Massage Therapy For Women

As some of you may know I graduated from the Layton campus (now closed) of UCMT in 2000, and have been a licensed massaged therapist here in Utah ever since.

For a long time I wasn't accepting new clients due to time constraints.  I am now accepting new clients for weekday evening sessions or any time on Saturdays.  Please keep in mind that I work in my home and have indoor animals, so an appointment with me may not be your best bet if you have allergies.  Also I work on women only, I'm sure your dad/brother/cousin/best friend/hair stylist/neighbor/grandpa is a great and trustworthy guy but there are no exceptions.

I have appointment cards available and am currently running a promotion.  Take my cards and write your name on the back then pass them along to friends and family as a referral, just tell them to bring the card to their next session.  When I have collected 4 cards with your name on them you will received a gift certificate for a free 1/2 hour session.

  • Hour massage $40
  • 1/2 massage $25
  • 10 minute seated massage $8

  • Outcall - minimum of two 1 hour sessions or three 1/2 hour sessions must be booked at regular rates plus a $50 travel fee if it is within 10 miles of Logan.  Up to 25 miles outside of Logan the fee is $75.  Over 25 miles the fee will vary based on distance.
To book a session or for more information about what I do please email me at nachista (at) yahoo (dot) com.  Sessions are by appointment only.  If you cannot make your appointment please call or email me as soon as possible to cancel.  If I have 3 no shows/no call cancellations from you, you will not be allowed to book any further sessions.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

My dad, now celebrating 90 years of awesome...



Here's hoping for 90 more.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lou's 90th Birthday Party!

My father, Louis C. Hickman, is turning 90 years old tomorrow, July 18th.  To celebrate we will be hosting a birthday party/open house for him this Saturday, July 21st from 4pm to 6pm at our family business, Hickman Land Title Co. in downtown Logan, UT.  Please stop by and wish the most amazing man I have ever known a very Happy Birthday.

If you can't make it to the party but would like to pass along a birthday greeting, photos, videos memories, or other good wishes please feel free to leave your message in the comments of this post or email them to nachista (at) yahoo (dot) com and I will make sure they get to him.

Here is a link to his birthday announcement in this past Sunday's edition of the Herald Journal:

A special thanks goes to my little sister Holly for designing the invitations and taking care of getting them sent out.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

North Logan City Council Meeting - Final Vote On The Cove

UPDATE: The office of the state property rights ombudsman has issued their final finding and they have found that North Logan City acted against their own established zoning.  The council's final no vote was contrary to the property owner and the property developer's rights.  It is a victory for property rights and shows that an unhappy 1% cannot dictate their prejudicial agenda onto the rest of the population.  The system worked and justice prevailed.

All of you North Logan citizens that support The Cove, that support land owner's rights, that support effective and fair urban planning and development, please attend the North Logan City Council meeting Wednesday, July 18th at 6:30pm in the North Logan Library Meeting Room.  They will be having their final vote on this project at that meeting.  If you cannot make it to the meeting please take 2 minutes to drop an email to the mayor, city council, and planning committee to express your support of the project.  All the email addresses are available at the bottom of my previous post.  It only takes a moment to be an actively engaged citizen and let your voice be heard.

Please keep in mind that the city council has already approved this project once based on the merits of the project and its ability to fit into the zoning of the property it is intended for.  The current zoning has been in effect for 7 years, it has been readily available to the public the entire time, this is not a new and unexpected change in zoning.

If you live in North Logan and support affordable housing for all walks of life, if you oppose the "Not In My Backyard" mentality, if you want to support diversity and opportunity for everyone, if you are against discrimination against people who choose to live in non traditional homes (i.e.: anything not single family homes on sizable lots)...please come to the meeting and voice your support. 

My parents have given so much to the valley and to North Logan in particular and asked for so little in return, it is time for the citizens of the city to give back by supporting them and supporting the experienced and professional developer of this property.  My father served this county in WWII in the Army Air Corps and retired honorably from the Air Force as a Lt Col in 1983.  His service helped provide and protect the freedoms we enjoy, do not allow a few noisy bullies to force the council into trampling property rights.

If the opponents of The Cove succeed in imposing their prejudicial agenda on another land owner's rights, what will stop them from doing the same thing to you?

Monday, July 09, 2012

Support Urban Planning - Prevent Urban Sprawl!

UPDATE: The office of the state property rights ombudsman has issued their final finding and they have found that North Logan City acted against their own established zoning.  The council's final no vote was contrary to the property owner and the property developer's rights.  It is a victory for property rights and shows that an unhappy 1% cannot dictate their prejudicial agenda onto the rest of the population.  The system worked and justice prevailed.

***These opinions are my own.  I do not speak for my parents or other family members.  I do not speak for the developers of the cove.***

I am a firm believer in responsible urban development and planning.  Without well planned and quality medium and high density housing in all the towns in the valley, Cache Valley will end up a smog filled suburban wasteland.  So many towns continue to reject these types of developments because they believe everyone should live the same way: i.e., single family homes on large lots.  This is not a sustainable growth pattern.

I was born and raised in North Logan, back when it was mostly farms and dirt roads.  I loved that and it was a great experience.  But then people started selling off fields and subdividing.  None of us wanted our idyllic rural lifestyle to change but we accepted that it was a fact of life and welcomed new neighbors as part of the population growth that does not seem to be slowing down any time soon.  I have lived in another country, I have lived in suburbs, and I have lived in cities both here in the states and abroad.  I would much rather see a well designed and maintained 10 story apartment building with a parking terrace next to me...than those same residences spread out in cookie cutter homes over a ridiculous amount of land.  I've lived in apartments and condos and I'm not an undesirable blight on society.

My parents own a piece of property (not me, my parents) that they are working with a developer to build 64 affordable owner occupied luxury condos, the proposed development is called The Cove.  This parcel of land, along with other parcels, was purchased decades ago as an investment to be used to help provide for my parents in their retirement.  They are now at a point in age (71 and 89) where they would like to recoop their investment.  This development will be visible from their house and yard, they live 1 block away, and they are happy with the plans and excited for the growth and new families moving into the area.

With in a 6 block space of this proposed development there is also a senior living community (more condos), a multi-level retirement care facility, and a massive apartment complex.  These other projects were approved with minimal fuss and in the long run will help sustain the remaining green space by not spreading the homes out over large individual lots.

The developer in charge of the project is experienced and has a reputation for superlative work.  In fact a couple of my family members live in homes he has built and love the homes and the communities that he developed.  This is not a shoddy fly-by-night company out to make a quick buck and leave a trail of devastation in their path.  They care about their projects and want the best for the communities that they are placed in.  His condos, apartments, and homes are highly sought after and maintain their value.  Look at their other developments here in the valley, Smithfield Ridges and Logan Landing are particularly fine examples of their work.  Don't just drive by, talk to the residents, look inside the homes, really see what it would be like to live there.

Yet there are people who live in the area that panic at the thought of anything different from what they are and what they have.  There have been anonymous letters threatening that if these condos are built that we will see an immediate rise in crime, graffiti, smoking, drugs, having the air let out of your tires, and other undesirable behavior.  They equate people who choose to live in nice, new condos for a maintenance free lifestyle with all that is wrong in the world.  They originally spread lies about the development and were trying to whip their neighbors into a frenzy by saying that there would be mandatory subsidized housing allotments for low income families (**gasp**, oh no mr. bill! heaven forbid we help less fortunate families get a leg up in the world by helping them into a better neighborhood, no, we must keep them in their proper place, in the slums!).  That is actually false, there will be no subsidized housing in this development.

They claimed that condos would entice undesirable elements to move in and that soon the city would be experiencing problems mentioned in the above paragraph.  They already have medium and high density housing, they have low income housing, and they don't have the problems they predicted.  There is a mobile home park and medium density "four-plexes" within a mile of the proposed development and the people who live there are fine upstanding citizens.

They claimed that the city would be "forced" to put in sidewalks along 4oo E to the elementary school at tax payer expense.  The city is going to have to pay for sidewalks and other infrastructure as the city grows, it is a fact of life.  I'd personally rather have sidewalks than no sidewalks, but that's just me.  Sidewalks are not a crime, they are an asset to the community.

They claim that this was hidden and was secretly pushed through.  False.  The developer did all that they were required to do and provided everything they were asked for.  The city provided the same notification that they have for all their meetings.  Like it or not there was no nefarious back room plot to dupe people and hussle through a seedy deal, everything was done by the book.  If you do not like the current civil meeting notifications, work to change the law or organize a group of citizens to research every public meeting and circulate flyers to all the citizens of the town informing them of the minutiae of each upcoming meeting.

They claimed that building condos violated the multi-use designation of the property, it doesn't.  But when the developer including a list of prospective businesses that could also be included in the development to be more "multi-use" they were up in arms about the hypothetical businesses.  Please read the post on the opposition blog about their horror of discovering the proposal of including a daycare in the multi-use plan as a hypothetical business.  **Amen people, preach on, those toddlers are nothing but trouble.  Next thing you know there will be strip clubs and houses of ill repute...everyone knows that daycares are the beginning of the end for civilization.**

They claim that there is no need for more housing of this type.  What they don't realize is that there is a large part of our population that is maturing to the phase in life where they will be looking for housing very soon and there will not be enough to go around.

Essentially they just want people to buy these fields and leave them pretty fields for them to enjoy the view.  I know that more than once at the planning meetings and after the meetings, the property was offered at fair market value for anyone who wanted to "keep it green" to purchase.  No one took them up on the offer.

They want the world to stay exactly the same, Different = bad.  They think these developments should only be in other cities, other people's "problem", "not my pig, not my farm".  They do not realize that by having large families they are contributing to growth and development and are part of the problem, but in ignorance fight the solution to the housing crunch and the ugly urban sprawl that comes with it.  This kind of thinking leads to bigotry and discrimination.  This kind of thinking leads to totalitarian societies that impose their views on the masses for the benefit of the elite few and quash capitalism, free speech, and growth of a financially stable middle class.

Many of those opposed to the development have chosen to take up an acre of land and build larger homes, that is fine and it if it is good for them than I am happy for them, they were within their zoning restrictions and rights. They should not however be able to dictate how and where others choose to live because those choices are different from their own and offend their aesthetic sensibilities.

There was an article in the local paper that discussed the opponents views.  It did not however discuss the developers views, or the views of those who support urban planning.  The property owners and neighbors who support them were not contacted for interviews.  It was a one sided piece of journalism with a heavy slant, it almost should have been in the editorial section, not the reporting section.

If you are a North Logan resident that supports responsible and affordable medium and high density housing as a way to provide sustainable housing solutions that allows for the preservation of open space, please attend the planning and zoning meetings (every Thursday the day after the council meetings at 7pm), city council meetings are first and third Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm in the library.  write letters to the P&Z committee, don't bother leaving comments on Stop The Cove they delete anything (regardless of content) that doesn't fall exactly in line with their closed minded world view or asking for clarification on their points.  I welcome all comments as long as they are truthful, thoughtful, clean, and have valid points to make even if those points differ from my own.

We as citizens of this valley and of the earth must encourage healthy development that promotes the protection of open space by concentrating housing when possible.  We are not a homogeneous society, and our differences (and our ability to embrace those different from us ) are what make us great.  Providing quality affordable housing communities for all incomes, all lifestyles, all ages, and all walks of life makes us a better community and helps us flourish as a colorful, happy, and welcoming place.

You can voice your support or opposition directly to the North Logan public officials via email:

City Website:
City Council
Planning Commission

Monday, July 02, 2012

Back from L.A.

We made it to Los Angeles and back in one piece. 

It was a full weekend that included a trip to Universal Studios, the sites on Hollywood blvd (people watching is the best free activity in that town), hanging out with our fabulous hosts Sandee and Scott of Andrews Powdercoating, the Santa Monica farmer's market, the beach in Santa Monica, War Horse at the Ahmanson (much better than the movie, sorry Steven Spielberg), an accidental tour of skid row, concert and fireworks at Santa Monica College, the science center and rose garden at USC, and the beach at Manhattan Beach before heading home. 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to the USC Warner Brothers film archives like I had planned but hopefully I'll get to do that on another trip if I make it back to California any time soon.  I don't have any photos to post because my point and shoot digital is dead and my phone takes lousy quality photos.  We did have my niece's camera and hopefully I'll be able to get copies of those photos and post them here.

Now we are back home and back to work.  It is looking like another long, dry, hot summer.  The USU stadium fireworks with the band Kansas is going to be tomorrow and the Cache Valley Cruise In is also happening this wee, it should be a busy and fun holiday week.  Please stay safe and keep fire safety in mind during your celebrations, there are too many wildfires burning here in Utah and around the country, please don't be responsible for starting any more.