Friday, January 18, 2013

Economic Stimulus

2 Things:

1st: While a lot of things are getting more expensive (travel, groceries, durable goods, etc), there is one thing that has been getting cheaper around here lately.  The price of gasoline has dropped about a full $1 per gallon in our area over the last two months.  Last week I saw it for $2.57 at Smith's gas station on 400 N, this week it raised a little there to $2.66.  I just filled up at another station for $2.66 per gallon, and it felt good.

Seriously when was the last time you filled your tank up for less than $40?  (I'm not talking to you Prius owners, stop being so smug).  To celebrate the price of fuel I am going on a mini road trip this Saturday to visit my friend A. at her home near Malad, ID, and go snowshoeing and then head to Lava Hot Springs for a soak and dinner.

2nd: Takara Sushi now has a 1/2 sushi menu for lunch every day of the week, not just Thursdays any more.  A. treated me to a sushi lunch at Takara yesterday and it was delicious.  I better be careful or I'm going to get spoiled.

It is almost embarrassing how much sushi we, two not quite middle aged women, can eat in one sitting.  And yet we still fight over who has the dubious honor of killing the last piece.

Now these deals are economic stimuli that I can really get behind.

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