Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gandolf The White Has Arrived

Winter storm Gandolf is here.  Most of the day it was pleasant, warm (ish), and sunny.  Then the weather changed.

About 4pm it started snowing, and I thought "no big deal, I'm still going to go and work out tonight".

About 4:30pm the wind started drifting the snow, and still I thought "Seriously, not a problem, I'm only driving to the rec center for a class and then going straight home."

About 5pm I was walking to my car thinking "Ok this sucks, but I'm only driving a couple miles and I need to work out".

After work I had to drive to the grocery store and my parents' house before I could head home.  While out and about I saw 6 slide offs and 2 accidents.  It was a slushy free for all on the roads and I thought to myself "Screw working out, I am going straight home and never leaving the house again, ever."

When I got home this was what the back door looked like.

Still, I thought "OK I'm going to be good and have some healthy soup for dinner and not indulge in my usual bad weather comfort food binge".  So I had some soup, that didn't cut it.  Then I thought "OK really you at least deserve one of those chocolate brownie cliff bars, hey it's protein, right?".  And then I went "Screw it, since I'm never leaving the house again I'm going to eat what I want and watch Cool Hand Luke."

Popcorn, check!
Mini Reese peanut butter cups (the wrapper-less kind for lazy people), check!
Movie, check!
World's biggest fortune cookie, check!

The fortune cookie was a Christmas gift from my oldest brother and his wife.  They know me so very well.  When I go out for Chinese food I always secretly hope that the people I'm eating with don't like fortune cookies so I can eat theirs.

I've also always wanted to start my own fortune cookie company, but instead of good fortunes I'd do personalized bad fortunes.  So someone would be able to order a cookie with a fortune that said "It's not you, it's me, let's see other people" or "Grandma's dead" or "Good work on the Stanger account, but you're still fired" or "Surprise, I'm not really a woman" or "Those pants really do make you look fat".  I'd call it The Misfortune Cookie Company.  Because bad news is much easier to take if you have a cookie to go with it.

Lucky for me this cookie had a good fortune in it, hopefully it comes true.  And the good news is that if I get snowed in there is enough fortune cookie to last me all weekend.

My only problem now is that the movie makes me want cornbread and hard boiled eggs but that means getting off the couch and making them.  Decisions, decisions...

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