Sunday, January 06, 2013

Gordon's Glass To The Rescue!

Kim the lovely and talented friend who kick started my addiction to art glass, sent me a beautiful platter that she had made.  (You can see my original post about her work here)  Unfortunately, and in spite of her mad packing skills, it arrived neatly broken in two via the USPS.

Needless to say, I was upset, very very upset.  I talked to Kim and she told me that I would need to find someone who had a UV glue system to fix it, but she doubted that I'd be able to find anyone in my area.  I didn't want to have to drive to Salt Lake so I called around to every framing shop, art supply store, and glass store in town.  I was in luck, one place in Logan had what I needed and told me to bring the platter in.  That place was Gordon's Glass.

They are located on North Main (Highway 91), a block North of Kmart and across the street from Moonlight Diesel.

So I took my broken plate and went to see if they could REALLY fix it, or if they were just yanking my chain.  My hopes rose when I saw their front door.

And the window next to their front door.

The man behind the counter took good care of my poor broken plate.

The good folks at Gordon's worked their magic and the next day I had my plate back, fully healed.  The price was very reasonable and I would gladly recommend them to anyone who is looking at getting art glass repaired.

If you want to contact Gordon's Glass about your project, call them at 435.752.8956 or stop by their store at 1850 N Main, Logan, UT.  This is not a paid advertisement, I'm just so happy with their work that I wanted to spread the joy.  Here are their hours.

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Cool. Very beautiful.