Friday, January 11, 2013

It's funny because it's true

...oh wait, I confused funny with terrifying, my bad.

So this one time I went scorpion hunting (no, really guys, I did).  We drove up Logan Canyon to a secret scorpion hunting hot spot (OK so the scorpion hunting guy said that you can do it almost everywhere in the valley.  Folks, there are scorpions EVERYWHERE around here, but try not to think about the dark...while walking around your house barefoot.)

Then we stumbled around the dry rocky hillside with a black light, a mason jar with holes poked in the lid, and a wooden spoon (seriously, stop looking at me like that).  And when we saw something glowing a sort of neon yellow/green color that meant we'd found a scorpion.  To catch them you open your jar and hold it next to the scorpion and then using your spoon you scoot it into the jar and slam the lid on quick before it can escape.

Annnnnnnnnnnd now you know how to hunt for scorpions, good luck with that.

PS - I do not encourage or endorce scorpion hunting.  I am not responsible if you get stung, sick, hurt, or dead from anything I wrote in the post.

PPS - Seriously, don't go scorpion hunting.

PPPS - Good news, apparently the scorpions around here don't kill you, their sting just makes you sick.  I don't know from personal experience or anything because while I love my readers, I don't love you enough to take a scorpion sting for you.  Again, good luck with that.

PPPPS - Don't put more than one scorpion in a jar, because, well, just don't.

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Pache said...

Ahhh. Good to know. I'm not afraid of the dark, just scorpions. Yay!