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L.D.'s Cafe

Lately it seems like everyone uses the words "classic" or "old school" a lot.  As in "Dude, that's classic!" or "You should have seen this guy he was so old school".  It sometimes feels like everything older than 5 minutes is considered classic, which we all know isn't always true.

So please forgive me for using both phrases in describing one of my favorite hometown eateries, L.D.'s Cafe in Richmond.  L.D.'s Cafe is unapologetically both classic and old school.  This great little restaurant was opened by L.D. Bowcutt in 1959 on Main street in Richmond, right across from the Richmond public library, and it has been going strong every since.

The horseshoe counter is the heart of the dining room.
The main building was once a furniture store and over time grew to include the shop space next to it as an overflow dining room and banquet room.  The East wall of the banquet room showcases framed photos and newspaper clippings from the town and the cafe's history, as well as antique photos of L.D.'s pioneer ancestors that settled in the area.  The West wall of this room is home to a wonderful collection of photos, flags and memorabilia related to service men and women from the area.

Mr. Bowcutt was kind enough to pose for this photo while he was explaining the history of the items on the wall.
This sign stood in a US military camp in Afghanistan.  The top three signs point to LD's Cafe in Richmond, Flat Top mountain between Richmond and Smithfield, and the Milky Way Dairy in Smithfield (owned by the Mickelson family).  The top picket on the post now hangs on the wall of the cafe about this photo.
I'm not the first local blogger or reviewer to post about L.D.'s online.  While searching for other reviews and information about L.D.'s I found this video review from 3 years ago. 

Walking into this diner is like taking a trip in the time machine.  When I was a kid there was a restaurant like this in almost every small town in the valley, like the Cracker Barrel Cafe in Paradise and Glauser's Cafe in Logan, but most of them have been closed down for years now.  Which is why I'm so happy that L.D.'s Cafe is still going strong and that not much has change in the 50+ years since this place first opened.  I'm not the only one who thinks L.D.'s Cafe is pretty special, the restaurant was recently named Small Business of the Year by the Cache Chamber of Commerce.

Daily specials are posted on the back wall and on the table at each booth.
I loved these lamps.
Visiting this restaurant feels like going home again.  That probably sounds pretty cheesy, but it's true.  It is the next best thing to going home and having mom or dad cook for you.  The menu is full of simple homestyle dishes that are cooked fresh when you order and served in generous portions.  The waitresses were friendly and helpful, never pushy or rude.  The owner is a sweet and friendly man who is happy to share the history of the building and the town with anyone who asks.

Who wants to go back for a Prime Rib dinner with me this weekend?
There isn't a classically trained chef or exotic ingredients.  There is no wi-fi or hipsters here.  This place is the cure for trendy, new wave, next gen, shi-shi restaurants that leave you feeling tragically uncool.  The cafe is comfortable and full of locals who could care less how much your jeans cost or whether you're carrying last season's purse.  It is the kind of place that makes you want to hunker down with a newspaper and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and just enjoy a leisurely morning  And if you stop by enough you may just be considered one of the regulars, and that feels pretty darn good.

My breakfast was 2 sunny side up eggs, 3 large strips of thick cut bacon, 4 buttered toast halves, and heaping portion of hashbrowns.  I ordered a fresh lime to drink.  Not a bad way to start the day.
Behind the main dining room is a lounge with 2 pool tables, a bar where they serve beer and win, a large screen TV, and several high tables.  It is a great place to hang out with friends and watch a game.

If you weren't lucky enough to grown up in a town with a place like this (or if your hometown favorite is just a memory now), then do yourself a favor and take the scenic drive to Richmond so you can treat yourself to some old fashioned small town hospitality.  Don't miss out on the St. Patrick's Day special, their corned beef and cabbage has been a tradition for years and it is standing room only every March 17th.  They also sometimes have live music on the weekends or special occasions.

L.D.'s Cafe is located at 39 W. Main St. in Richmond, just a couple blocks East of the stoplight by the Maverick gas station at the intersection of highway 91 and Main street.  You can call them at 435.258.5135 to make reservation or find out the daily specials.  They offer catering and a banquet room for business functions, family parties, or any other group gathering.  They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every Monday through Saturday from 7:30am to 10pm, and they are open for breakfast and lunch every Sunday from 7:30am to Noon.

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