Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pupuseria El Salvador CLOSING!

UPDATE: Pupuseria El Salvador is now officially closed until further notice.

Sad news Loganites, Pupuseria El Salvador is closing.  Here is the sign on their door.

"Dear Customers we will be closing by Friday 25th of Jan - it will be the last day!  Until further notice."
I asked them if they were closing for good or moving and the answer was that they are trying to find a new location because they can't afford the rent in Pinecrest anymore.  They also said that they have very promising leads on 2 new locations in the valley and they will find out tomorrow whether or not they can move into one of those locations.

If they can't find an affordable location in Cache Valley they are considering moving to Ogden.  If you want to get your pupusa or taco fix, please stop by tonight or tomorrow.  Their inventory is limited because of the closing so they don't have everything on the menu available right now.  You can call ahead and order it to go, 435.752.0676.  You can also order some to take home and freeze, just call that number and be willing to pick them up tomorrow by closing time.  They also said that they will be keeping that same phone number and to call in a couple weeks to find out if/when/where they will be open again.  I have ordered 3 dozen pupusas to take home and freeze, just in case they don't find another location quickly. 

I have loved this restaurant.  The food is wholesome, affordable, and delicious.  The family that runs it is friendly and helpful.  The location was easy to get to from downtown, campus, or North Main.  If you want to help our local restaurants thrive, you HAVE to start patronizing them.  It is a you want your hard earned food budget dollars to go out of state to mega corporations, or do you want it to stay here and have it help your friends and neighbors?  Start choosing your friends and neighbors over faceless national chains that just homogenize our community until it looks like Anywhereville, USA.

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EM said...

So Sad! Please update if anyone hears they find a new location!