Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Wreath Guy

Yesterday I drove down to Farr West for a hair appointment and decided to stop by The Wreath Guy's stand.  I picked up a couple bunches of curly willow and red birch, as well as a new wreath for the back door.  If you are ever in the Farr West/Harrisville area, you should stop by and walk through the buildings to see his creations.  Even if you don't buy anything it is 15 or 20 minutes well spent.

I love that even in the dead of winter he's got the wreaths and supplies available.  He had a good selection of both tall and short branches at $5 a bunch and wreaths starting at $12 a piece and going up from there depending on size.  The wreath I bought was $16.  The wreaths are great for indoor or outdoor decorating and I'm considering going back and getting two really big ones to decorate the fences on my side yard.

Tall and medium size bunches of red birch.
Two tall bunches of curly willow.
My new wreath.

A wreath I bought last spring from Lyle.


Pache said...

Is it wrong that, when I look at that kind of stuff, the part of my brain that says "Ooo, that looks nice." is completely drowned out by the part that says "Aaaaiiii - impossible to clean dust collecting device!" ?

The Suzzzz said...

That's why I mostly leave them outside and when they get gross, I just throw them away. Same with the branches that I put in big stand up urns/vases. $5 or $10 a year and then get fresh ones every spring. Heck if you're into foraging you could even get them for free.