Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Things That Make A Bad Day Better

Here is a list of things (in no particular order) that I firmly believe can make my bad days better:

  1. Good Friends
  2. Hiking Boots
  3. Hiking Trails
  4. The Woods
  5. The Mountains
  6. The Ocean
  7. Sunsets
  8. Stars
  9. Dad's Cabin
  10. My Big Fat Mormon Family (they're not fat, you're not fat, oh fine I'll take that out) 
  11. Passionate People
  12.  Books
  13. Music
  14.  Movies
  15. Rare Steak
  16. Chocolate Cake
  17. Mighty Craic
  18. Dancing
  19. A Roaring Fire
  20. Helping Someone Else
  21. Molly the Wonder Dog
  22. Other People's Dogs
  23. Other People's Horses
  24. Getting Dressed Up
  25. New High Heels
  26. Dressing Down 
  27. Perfectly Broken In Sweats 
  28. The Satisfaction Of Finishing A Project
  29. The Satisfaction Of Procrastination Drudgery
  30. Kid History Videos On Youtube
What turns your grey skies blue?


Pache said...

- my awesome, smart, passionate, caring friends
- a package in the mail
- pictures of somewhere beautiful I have been
- feeling the sun on my face
- holding a tiger cub
- discovering something new
- a nap
- a movie at a theater with popcorn
- being outside to see the sunset
- a starry sky
- the ocean
- chocolate
- clean, pressed sheets
- anything glow-in-the-dark
- helping someone with something not IT
- dogs larger than rodents
- cheesecake

Pache said...

Oh, and:
- bridges

The Suzzzz said...

Both excellent lists and can I say I'm still jealous of the whole tiger cub thing. I could appropriate everything on your lists except the whole IT thing, even if I wanted to I couldn't help womeone with IT...I am IT deficient.

Pache said...

Actually, I helped someone with something IT tonight and it still made me feel good. I think I just build up a tolerance when I am working in it.