Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter, We're Over!

OK, in the past I've been excited when it snowed and happy when it was freezing, because every storm and every sub-zero day was one day closer to getting to skate on the outdoor ice rink at Merlin Olsen Park.  I LOVE ice skating at that park, for evidence of this love click here, here, or here.  It is a great stress reliever in the evenings after work and the whole reason why I like winter in the first place.  But now I'm officially over winter at this point.  This was a major part of my wanting to break up with winter:


When I called the Logan Parks & Rec department this afternoon I was told that there is basically a 0% chance of the rink being refrozen again this winter.  I could pay a couple bucks and go skating at the indoor rink out in North Logan but it is just not the same.  Last year the outdoor rink was frozen enough to skate for exactly 5 days and I was there all 5 of those days.  This year we don't even get one.

So winter, that's why I'm saying...it's not me, it's you, can we see other people?  Take your inversions and your storms and your ridiculously cold temperatures and leave.

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