Friday, February 08, 2013

2013 Chocolate Festival

*Image courtesy of the Chocolate Festival website.*
The annual Valentine Pro/Am Chocolate Festival Festival is taking place this Saturday, February 9th.  It will be held at the event center at the Four Seasons Apartments in North Logan at 140 East 2200 North.  (Just East of Lewiston State Bank and South of the Century Link building).  The public tastings and silent auction begin at 6:30pm and the live auction begins at 8:45pm.  Cost: $10 per person, that includes 9 dessert tastings and 1 ballot to vote for your favorite.  Raffle tickets and drinks will be available for purchase at an additional cost.

The Chocolate Festival is a fund raiser for Planned Parenthood of Utah and the Logan Health Clinic.  Before anyone starts spewing ignorant hate comments against Planned Parenthood I would like to state that I support this organization for the good work they do.  They aren't just about abortions and evil, like their opponents like to paint them.

They provide non-judgmental and affordable health care for everyone.  Planned parenthood provides low cost vaccinations, screenings, smoking cessation counseling, and general health care for men and women.  There was a time when I didn't have insurance and needed a prescription and to pay for it out of pocket an a regular pharmacy would have cost me $120 a month.  At planned parenthood they provided it to me for $20 a month.  So yes, I proudly support Planned Parenthood, and any hate comments will not be published so don't bother trying to post them.

For more information about the Chocolate Festival please visit their website.

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