Monday, February 11, 2013

Dear Oral Surgery

...I own you.

I've also got an arsenal of otter pops, italian ice, and pierogi in the freezer, not to mention my stockpile of soup, ramen, and cup o' noodles.

PS - I've chosen my septuagenarian mother as my responsible adult for this surgery, precisely for the fact that she does not own a camera and has no idea how to upload things to the internet.  I love my mom.


holly said...

I thought about coming in while you were sleeping at mom's and taking a picture, but thought that was too mean.

Lisa said...

You are smart and sneaky with your choice of responsible adult! Some of my friends have been posting their husbands' anesthesia wake-ups on Facebook. Lots of LOLs, but I do feel kind of bad for the guys. Get well soon!

The Suzzzz said...

Yep, I know that when groggy or on meds I tend to be quiet and sullen...but I wasn't taking any chances. So I picked the one person in my life that has no digital media in their life. I think it was a wise decision.