Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Family Dinner

Last week my family got together to celebrate my niece N. going to the temple for the first time in preparation for her mission to Uruguay.  Not everyone could make it but we were happy to have such a good turn out, even if we missed those who weren't there.  We met at the Bluebird for dinner and then headed over to the family office for dessert.

T. hamming it up as per usual.
K. posing as per usual.

Dad presiding over the proceedings
The woman of the hour.

Because really, what fun is a family photo if everyone is smiling and happy and doing what they are supposed to?

My sister Hez drove up from Layton for dinner and we were happy to see her.  She was busy planning a fabulous cake for Nicole's farewell.  Here are some of her really cool cake designs.

J. was gloating that he was tall enough to touch his head to the ceiling.


slimegreen said...

Those are some really great pics. I love the one with the monkey arms!

The Suzzzz said...

Thanks, I always post way too many, but it is so hard to narrow them down.