Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Birthday CJ

My youngest nephew turned 2 last week and his mom and dad hosted a party for him on Saturday at my parents' house.  He had 12 of his cousins and several of his aunts and uncles, as well as my parents there to help him celebrate.

CJ really loved his train cake and his presents but he flat out refused to get in the pool with the kids.  He really loves water and swimming, but it seems like there were just too many noisy splashing bodies in the water for his taste.  There was pizza, cake, ice cream, and cute party favors shaped like trains, everyone went home happy.

CJ just couldn't understand why he wasn't allowed to poke his own cake.

CJ and his mom.

The swimmers

He really, Really, REALLY did not want to get in the pool with them.
He was happy playing with a fisher price toy that is as old as (probably older) his dad.

Showing his cousin, little E, his train cake.

The swimmers trickling in from the pool.

Unicorn hat!  Don't follow her to candy mountain.
CJ's cousin L.  I know this photo is a bit soft focus but I really like it anyway.
They were playing ninjas with styrofoam blocks.

PS - Did I mention that CJ is going to be a big brother in September?  My SIL is expecting and this will be my 14th niece or nephew.  I will refer to the baby as #14 until the parents pick a name.

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