Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Hello 21st Century - May I Join You?

My sister in law S. has become our family's own personal stylist, because she's fabulous like that.  She was gracious enough to go shopping with me tonight to help me pick out some new jeans.  You may think "Suzzzz you're a grown woman with reasonably good taste, why do you need someone to go shopping with you?" then I blush and say "Aw shucks, thanks" and then I actually admit that I have zero fashion sense when left to my own devices.  Really I gravitate towards ugly boyfriend style jeans and baggy hoodies, my closet is where fashion goes to die.

It helps to have friends and family who have a good eye for these things, who aren't working on commission, and who aren't afraid to say things like "Oh honey NO, just NO." or "Not even my grandmother would wear that, and she's dead" or "Put it down and step away from the rack, don't make me get out the duct tape."  (you know who you are S., A., and all my friends in the Global Network of Devas).  People who pulls things off the rack that I wouldn't give a second glance at, but once I get it on it looks great.  I wish I could say I was color blind or had some sort of diagnosed disorder, but I don't, I'm just shopping impaired.

Tonight S. helped me find lots of cute and stylish items.  I ended up getting a couple tops and three pairs of jeans.  And I actually like them all, and they don't give me dumpy butt syndrome.  I think the biggest news of the night is that I decided to join the 21st century and bought my first pair of skinny jeans.  I'm still wary of them but I've made the plunge.  It's a good thing I bought three pairs of jeans because later it was pointed out to me that I had this lovely tear in the seat of the jeans I had been wearing while out shopping.

What is super awesome about this is that this is the second pair of jeans this week that I have damaged beyond repair.  Now I just wonder how long I was walking around with that hole showing off my assets, and how many people saw it but didn't say anything.  *sigh*  To all those people I say: I'm glad I could give you some comic relief, you're welcome.

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