Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Yesterday I had oral surgery.  I've been sleeping WAY more than I should and this evening I am attempting to stay awake long enough so that I can sleep all the way through the night tonight and try to at least stay awake for half the day tomorrow so I might actually fold laundry or do something semi-useful.

So to that end I'm trying to put together a blog post.  If none of this makes sense, I'm sorry and I'll fix it when the meds have worn off and I'm back to my normal weirdo but cognizant self.

Back in December I decided to repot the orchids in a flask that I brought home from our trip to Hawaii in October.  I had been originally told to expect about 30 viable plants from the flask.  I ended up with about 45.  Here are the photos from my adventures in transplanting.
My first problem was finding the materials.  I went to three stores before I found the little pots I needed.  I also couldn't find the moss they recommended and had to make do with orchid potting mix that was designed for full grown orchids.

These seedlings are a cross between Sharon King and Jeremy Island volcano Queen cattleya orchids.  That means they could resemble either of those strains or maybe even the parent strains of the 2 original plants.  We won't know until (if) they bloom, which will be in 3 to 5 years.
Then next challenge was cutting off the end of the container in order to get the plants out.  It was a great deal more difficult than the orchid plantation let on.  But I managed to get the plants out without cutting any of them, or myself for that matter.
Then it was just a matter of sliding the plants and the potting media out into the sink.
Et voila!
The instructions made it seem soooo bloody easy.  It wasn't, but then again I've never had a natural knack for gardening.  A for effort F for actual result.
This was about the half way mark of untangling the plants.
This was the end result when I realized I had 45.
I cleared a space on the window sill of my West facing kitchen window.  Right between my rosemary and pineapple sage plants.
Then I began filling the pots with the planting media and the wee plants, and gave them all a good watering.
I had neglected to think about getting actual window planter containers so I'm using old baking tins to keep the water from running everywhere.
I also ran out of pots so these few bitty plants ended up on a serving platter that I never use.
There they all are.
I mist them, I keep my humidifier on under the window sill there to keep them moist, and I talk to them every day.  Mostly I say "for the love of all that's sweet and holy, please don't die."
If you are patient, live in the Cache Valley area, have a decent working knowledge of gardening, and want to try and grown a few orchid seedlings of your own...please let me know.  You are welcome to come pick up a few of these plants and try to grow them yourself.  I'm afraid I'm going to accidentally kill them all with my black thumb.  Besides I really could use the extra kitchen space back, at least on my tiny table.


slimegreen.me said...

Good luck! Can't wait to see future pics!

Pache said...

Suz, I hate to break it to you, but I'm pretty sure the pineapple sage plant is dead. That is not how it is supposed to look :(
On the up side, throwing it out would get you more windowsill space.

The Suzzzz said...

Pache, it did die but it has grown back. You were right, it is hard to kill all the way.