Thursday, February 21, 2013

Well it isn't concrete evidence, but... is an update on our little photo mystery from Monday.

When I took the mystery photos to the gentlemen at the Bluebird Coffee Club on Tuesday morning one of the older members told me that they did remember Max Johnson owned a boat and the photos looked kind of like him but #1 - he is very young in the photos and #2 - it has been a very long time since any of them had seen him, so they couldn't say for sure.

Another member was able to give me some contact information for Mr. Johnson's kids and I passed that on to the owner of the mystery photos, hopefully she'll be able to find out for sure when she contacts them.  Also the BCC guys did tell me to check out his caricature on the wall at Herm's Inn.  I stopped by there while I was out running errands on my lunch break and snapped this photo of the sketch.

Herm's Inn has a couple dozen of these fun vintage Loganite caricatures lining the walls of the booths.
Not exactly irrefutable proof, but close enough to say there is a strong resemblance to the young man in the photos.  For those of you not from Logan or simply not old enough to remember, Max Johnson owned the Royal Bakery on Main Street here in Logan.  It was a downtown landmark for many years, but sadly closed down a couple decades ago.  My family's business is located near the bakery's former location and when I was younger we'd often have people stop in to say that they'd come back to the valley for a visit and wanted to get some RB sweet rolls or spice cookies and ask us what happened to the bakery.

If I ever solve the mystery definitely (or find out that someone else has) I'll post another update.  It may be weird or geeky, but i love doing research, especially little interesting projects like this.  Give me a photo or a clue to follow and I'll happily tramp through libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, and the interwebz looking for the answer.

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