Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Who Doesn't?

For all my friends and family who are fans of the Diana Gabaldon series Outlander, I saw this in facebook yesterday and thought of y'all.

Oh and cheer up, not only does Diana have snippets of the upcoming book on her site, but the 8th installment should be out this fall, the Starz cable network is working on producing a pilot for the Outlander TV series, AND...Diana has released a new anthology of short stories related to the Outlander series, called Trail of Fire.  (please forgive the run on sentence, some days it just feels good to run on)  It was released in the UK and you can order a new copy from UK amazon, but you can also find used copies on both ebay and USamazon.  If you're REALLY into Outlander you can order an autographed copy of it from the Poisoned Pen bookstore.

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