Saturday, March 23, 2013

Conversation With My Mother

*phone rings*

Me: Hello?

Mom: Hi, this is your mother, I thought I'd let you know we're dying Easter eggs and having lunch at my house next Saturday, you're invited.  You know, just in case you might want to come, don't rearrange your schedule or anything, but we'd REALLY like to see you there.

Me: Uh huh, sounds goods, I'll be there, do you need me to br...

Mom: I thought we'd have you hide the eggs for J. and N. (my college age nephew and niece).

Me: Uh, probably not a good idea.

Mom: Why do you say that?

Me: I'm TOO good at hiding's kind of my super power.  Me hiding things that you want found again is a terrible idea.

Mom:  Oh don't be silly, it will be fun.

Me: Uh, mother, do you remember that big family trip to California to visit your sisters.  The one where I was maybe 7 or 8?  We were having a big party at Aunt G's house and while all the grown ups were talking and all the big kids were hanging out, I talked H. (my little sister) and K. (my cousin's daughter) into helping me hide all the balls from the croquet set in that big pile of sand they had sitting in the driveway?

Mom: *laughing* I'd completely forgotten that.  But you'll remember this time.

Me: Mother, mom, momma, how many of those croquet balls did we find before we drove back to Utah?

Mom: *silence* Um, I think maybe a couple.

Me: We found one, just one.  Remember those two vintage cookbooks we found at your house that belonged to Grandma H.?  You lent them to me and I said not to worry that I'd put them in a safe place where Molly couldn't get at them and where I'd remember to grab them and bring them home?  And they were never seen again?

Mom: Good point, you're fired from egg duty, please bring a salad.

Me: Ok, thanks, bye.

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