Sunday, March 10, 2013

Express Tire

I hate spending money on car stuff.  Which is unfortunate because cars hate me and seem to wither and die under my care, see here and here for examples.  My oldest brother and his wife took pity on me and gave me a used car to replace Peri.  Folks, they gave me a car, for free...yeah they're nice like that, but also they got it for free so they were kind of paying it forward.

Any what was I talking about?  Oh yeah my new car.  Um, yeah, it's special...kind of like this:

Among its charming quirks are a spastic power sun roof, a passenger side door that has to be manual unlocked (even though the power locks work on the other three doors, and the best part is that the front passenger side door emits a screaming sound every time it is locked or unlocked.  I've named it Phil the Cranberry Comet.  Why Phil?  Watch the cancelled TV show Better Off Ted and you'll figure it out, but here's a short clip to give you an idea:

In order to get Phil registered in my name I had to get him inspected.  He did not pass, but the screeching had nothing to do with it, two of his tires were still a little bit deathy (Big Bro had two snow tires for Phil that I was able to put on to make him less of a murder comet).

I proceeded to call every tire place in Cache Valley (at least the ones listed in the phone book) to check on the price of two new tires for Phil.  It was a painful way to spend my day off.  I was frustrated because A) tires are expensive and B) I'm kind of cheap like that.

What's a girl to do?  Why complain on facebook of course.  And my facebook friends had lots of suggestions.  One suggestion was Express Tire.

I knew the name sounded familiar but I couldn't find them in the phone book.  A quick search of the interwebz brought up an address and a phone number.  Low and behold this tire shop is half a block away from my house.  I called over to Express Tire and got quotes on new and used tires, I loved their prices.  If I wanted new I would have to wait a week for the new tires to get in, but if I wanted used they could do it the same day.

This is maybe about 1/6 of their collection of used tires available for sale.
I drove over to their shop and picked out two used tires and then walked back to my house to wait, because this was their waiting area:

Sexy, right?
They had the tires on and ready to go in about half an hour.  The total cost for two used tires, tax, and installation was $90.  It is the first time I've ever done a happy dance for tires.  If I had chose the new tire option the out-the-door price still would have been at least $70 less per tire than any of the other shops I called.

$0.75 per ounce...of what?
You may be wondering why they are so cheap.  #1 - They obviously aren't putting the money into the waiting area.  #2 - It is run by two younger guys in a smaller and older building away from the major shopping areas.  #3 - They don't include all those extras you get at places like Big O or Les Schwab (free flat repair, free replacement for road damages, etc).  #4 - Apparently the owner (the father of one of the 2 guys in the shop) doesn't believe in price gouging and just wants to offer good tires at a fair price.

If you are worried about not having a warranty to cover flat repairs, don't.  Big O tire here in town usually fixes flats for free, even if you didn't purchase the tire from them.  Also, if you have a Sam's Club membership you get free flat repairs in their auto department, even if you didn't purchase the tires from them.  So if you are looking to save some money and aren't interested in spending a lot extra for a warranty you will almost never use, give Express Tire a far the most inexpensive tires in Cache Valley.

Express Tire
500 W 1400 N
Logan, UT 84341

Mon-Sat 8am to 5pm.

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