Saturday, March 09, 2013

Introducing the new and improved Molly the Wonder Dog

We adopted Molly the Wonder Dog back in September 2007.  I don't know exactly what breed(s) she is.  When people ask I usually tell them that she's part black lab and part black bear because she will eat anything she even remotely suspects might be food (up to and including empty cereal boxes that just smell like food).  She is the reason why I had to get a flip top garbage bin and keep something heavy on top of it at all times, like so.

She is the only lab type dog that I've ever met that:

A) Is terrified of water


B) Refuses to retrieve

After we brought her home we realized she had some problems and decided to get her professional help.  We spent about a year in one on one training and group classes with the fabulous Becca, working on treat training Molly.  We got the basics down: sit, lay down, stand, stay, wait, come, roll over, off, up.  One of the things it did not teach her is how to actually retrieve anything.  She has never played with toys or balls, if it isn't food or a nylabone, she doesn't want it in her mouth.

If I throw a ball she walks over to it and looks up at me and walks back to me with a look that says "Uh, lady?  You dropped something, it's over there.  You should go get it before you trip on it."  It is exasperating.  You'd think Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty had gotten a hold of her.  Over the last couple of weeks I took what I learned from our training sessions all those years ago, and have been training her to retrieve. 

I now present to you, the new, the improved: Molly the Wonder Dog 2.0 (now with retrieving app)

*drum roll*

I can hear you thinking "So what, dogs fetch balls, that's what they do.  What's the big deal?"  Seriously you don't understand, this is a HUGE deal!  I almost cried the first time she did it successfully.  Now if I can only get her to willingly take a bath, walk off leash without bolting for a 3 mile run to go run in cow manure, and to stop viciously attacking other dogs she'd be absolutely perfect...but I still love her, just as she is.

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