Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sheldon's Quest For World Domination

You may remember the Dr. Sheldon Cooper trophy from Pi day.  Well it seems like he has gone on a bit of a walk about.  I would like to state for the record that I did not see Sheldon removed from his place of honor on Jorge's desk, I did not touch or come in physical contact with him, I do not know where he is, and I have no idea who is currently in possession of Sheldon.

Despite popular opinion *coughJorgecough*, I have it on the highest authority that Sheldon was not actually kidnapped.  He merely enlisted the aid of a few passersby in aiding him in his escape attempt and clever ruse to make it look like a kidnapping.  Don't worry about Sheldon, he is off on an epic quest for world domination and this temporary displacement is necessary for him to hatch his brilliant plan.  He managed to smuggle me the following message for his cohorts, since I do not know who he is referring to I will post it here so they get the message:

"Dear minions,
You have my sincerest gratitude for your minor roles in aiding my subterfuge.  It is my highly educated opinion that our little charade has worked.  My captor believes that I have been kidnapped and am being held somewhere nearby, to which I must say...BAZINGA!  I am actually safely on my way to an undisclosed location for a little pre-world domination relaxation.  Don't worry, I learned my lesson from Bozeman, I am on my way to a place where I have little chance of running into any nefarious Bozites.  My destination is the perfect place to blend into a crowd, yet it is so lacking in true academic stimulation that I will have no problem focusing on my strategy for becoming humanity's new benevolent overlord.
Dr. Sheldon Cooper, MSc, PhD

PS - Please tell Meemaw not to worry, I remembered to pack my Flash pajamas and plenty of sunscreen."
I worry about Sheldon out there on his own, but I trust in his innate ability to make friends and influence people...ah who am I kidding I trust in his ability to baffle and alienate anyone and everyone he comes in contact with, so at least he'll have some peace and quiet to get his evil plot properly formulated.

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