Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm Doomed

Last Saturday I was getting ready to leave my sister's house and I noticed a cute pair of sandals next to mine by the door.  What I noticed is that they were bigger than mine and my sister has the same size feet as me.  Everyone in the house at that moment happened to be under the age of 15.  Turns out they belong to our 12 year old niece.  I took a photo of my feet up next to hers in comparison.

Mayhem's feet are about half a size larger than mine.  I'm getting dwarfed by a middle school-er.
This is the straw that broke the camel's back people.  My illusions are shattered.  The pipe dream is swept away in the harsh light of day.

I finally have to admit that the growth spurt that was promised to me in 6th grade health class is never coming and that I will remain hobbit sized forever.  As if it weren't already patently unfair that both of her brothers make me feel like a midget when I stand next to them, now I have to have the girls in that family tower over me as well.  *sigh*  There goes my dream of playing in the WNBA, well the height thing coupled with the fact that I can't actually play basketball and don't really know the rules of the game...but I'm kind of awesome at backwards free throw shooting, so that's something.

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