Friday, April 26, 2013

Molly's Traumatic Experience

Earlier this week Molly the wonder dog had a traumatic experience.  OK, scratch that, she was the one that got hurt but I was the one that was emotionally traumatized, because I'm a huge wimp when it comes to people and animals I love being in pain.  OK, fine, I'm just a huge wimp in general.  Is that better?

We were out on a walk, she was on her halti and her leash when a small-ish stray ran up to her and tried to bite her legs.  She couldn't fight back because of the halti so I had to kick the other dog to get it to let go of her.  The stray had torn off a piece of MWD's front left paw pad off and it was bleeding pretty badly.

I managed to get her home and taken care of, then I made a couple of phone calls.  I felt like an idiot when I started to cry as I called my boss to tell him what happened and that I'd be late coming back from lunch.  It was just for a minute and I couldn't help it, but I still felt silly.

MWD is healing really quickly.  In fact she's feeling well enough to be naughty, which I take as a very good sign.  I've been washing her paw out with anti-bacterial soap and warm water a couple times a day to help it stay clean.  Twice now she has tipped the basin of soapy water in my lap.  Also the other night I got up to get something from the kitchen and she snatched half my dinner off of the coffee table in the 10 seconds that I had my back turned to her.

The first day after it happened she couldn't make it up the stairs and had a very hard time sitting down or standing up.  Today she's limping a little but almost back to normal.  It looks like the preventative measures are working.  The one thing I have been doing that she absolutely hates is to cover her injured paw before I take her out to go to the bathroom.  She spends about a minute walking around the living room shaking her paw, trying to dislodge the mitten.  This may make me a horrible person but I'll admit that it is really funny to watch and I don't feel bad about laughing...'cause she totally owes me for dumping soapy water in my lap.

"Get this stupid thing off me...please?"
One bright spot in all of this is that it helped me learn to love the leather seats in Peri The Cranberry Comet.  I've never appreciated leather seats in cars.  But that's probably because I didn't have a bleeding, 90lb black lab on leather seats before.  The back of the car looked like I'd tried to kill someone.  Luckily it wiped right off.  Although the seat belt strap is another story.

In related news: liquid bandage from Walgreens is now our best friend.

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