Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So you don't know Jack's

I am always surprised every time I mention Jack's Wood Fired Oven to a local and get a blank stare in return.  How is it possible that there are people in this valley, heck people in LOGAN, who haven't tried this place?  Almost everyone I know has at least heard of, if not tried, The Factory Pizzeria (Sicilian style pizza) or Firehouse Pizza (American style pizza), two other great pizza joints here in town, so why are people still so clueless about Jack's?

Jack's has been open on Main street next to The Rage for a few years now.  Just last year they expanded into the shop space to the south of them and more than doubled the restaurant's size.  The wood fired oven is located in the open portion of the kitchen that is surrounded by the main dining area.  You can watch your pizza being tossed, topped, and cooked right in front you of.  You all may or may not know this, but open kitchens are one of my pet peeves, unless it's a really good pizza place, which Jack's definitely is.

Last week I had dinner there with my brother, his wife, and their son.  We got a Lyon Bread to start, my brother and I both ordered the vegetarian lasagna, my SIL got the ridiculously tasty chicken artichoke pizza, and CJ got his own cheese pizza.  The lasagna was fantastic and came with a side salad, I could only finish half of it.  Speaking as a meat lover...I didn't even miss the meat, this lasagna was that good.

I didn't take any photos of the restaurant itself because I don't need to, Jack's facebook page has so many gorgeous photos of the decor, food, and people there that I really couldn't add anything of value.  In fact, go there now and "Like" them, they regularly post about specials, events, and musical acts that perform there.  It's where I found out that they have trivia night every Tuesday at 7pm.  It's also where I found out that if you ride your bike to Jack's on Thursday night you get a 15% discount.  It's where I find out which of their mouthwatering soups is their soup du jour.  And it's also where I find out which great local musicians are playing and on what nights.

Jack's has pizza (of course), sandwiches, lasagna, soups, salads (the Granny Goose is my favorite), and delicious desserts...not to mention fast and friendly service, very hip ambience, and an easy to find downtown location.  One of my favorite things about Jack's is that they try to use as many locally sourced ingredients as they possibly can.  Not only that, but they are also very supportive of other local restaurants, and you know I'm all about the local love.  

To sum up: If you haven't eaten at Jack's you don't know jack about food in Logan.  Get in there and try them out today!

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