Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Murder Bucket

Sounds like a bad B horror movie from the 50's, doesn't it?  That's kind of why I like it.  I had mentioned the murder bucket before in this post.  I've also talked about it and tried to explain it to a few people.  Some of them understand, or at least pretend to, but most of them scurry away bemused.

What is a murder bucket?

I'm glad you asked.  Murder bucket is my name for a really effective style of mousetrap.  My brothers and brothers-in-law found the design online and built one for my father's cabin up in Logan Canyon.  We had seen a steep increase in the rodent population in and around the cabin in the last 10 years or so and we were looking for something more effective than rat poison, snap traps or glue traps to try and keep the inside of the building rodent free.  And then we found the 5 gallon bucket rodent trap.  Here's a how-to video for a really simple version of this trap from youtube:

Here is the one the boys came up with for dad's cabin:

Since we don't want to catch the rodents and keep them as pets, we put liquid in the bucket so they drown when they fall in.  Gross, but effective.  This trap has worked so well I nicknamed it the murder bucket.  And here in lies the problem.

Last October my nephew went up to clean out the bucket and lock up the cabin for the winter.  None of us have been up to check it since then.  In the summer we were catching about half a dozen mice a week.  When we realized how long it had been no one wanted to be the first one on bucket duty.  I sucked it up and volunteered to check it out.  Some of my nieces and nephews volunteered to ride up with me for moral support.  This little guy was the most excited to go, then he fell asleep on the ride up and refused to get out of the car.

The other kids stayed outside and played in the yard, none of them were anxious to go inside and check out the trap either.  I can't say I blame them.

I plucked up my courage and went inside to check the bucket.  To my (almost pleasant) surprise there was only one victim.  This little mouse was the lone diver to fall into a watery grave over the long winter.

It turns out that my nephew had forgotten to bait the trap after he emptied and refilled the liquid.  Without any kind of incentive we only had one suicidal rodent take the plunge.  Or maybe they've finally gotten the message that they need to decamp to more wild surroundings and leave the great indoors to us wimpy humans, well that or they've retreated in order to plan a human extermination of epic proportions in revenge for their fallen brethren, frankly I'm kind of hoping it's the first thing.

There you have it folks, the murder bucket...now you know.

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