Friday, May 24, 2013

Market Food

This Saturday the Cache Valley Gardener's Market will be in its third week at their new location.  Last week my friend H. and I stopped by the market to browse and grab some breakfast.  There were fewer vendors at the park than they have had in the past when they were down on the island.  I couldn't tell if that was due to the fairly relentless rain or the new venue.

For breakfast I was torn between Henrique's pupusa (always good), Stacked Pancakes, and Kroekiemonsters german food.  The german food won out.  I got a brat meal that came with the brat on a bun, one side, and a drink.  I got half rotkohl and half saurkraut for my side, and an Izze grapefruit soda to drink.

Currywurst in Logan.  Thank You!

The meal was hot, fresh, filling, and oh so very good in the pouring rain. One thing I didn't like was that both the rotkohl and the saurkraut had bacon in it. I know a lot of people like it that way but I don't think it enhances the flavor...and this is coming from the girl who generally believes bacon makes MOST things taste better. It was good rotkohl and it would have been better without the bacon. 

One thing I loved about the rotkohl was that he had prepared it by putting all the spices in a tea bag when cooking the cabbage, instead of loose and mixed in with the cabbage in the pot. Which is a genius idea because then you don't have people picking cloves and allspice out of their food, or worse, chipping a tooth on one of the whole spices.

H. opted for the stacked pancakes.  I'm not going to lie, when she walked over with this plate I was kind of jealous.  They come in full size or half size and she got the full.  It was 4 plate size pancakes with chocolate chips stuffed between each layer, then topped with as many toppings as you like.  I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

Stop by the market this Saturday for breakfast and some shopping, you won't regret it. 

And while you are out and about this weekend you should also head to the 2013 Old Ephraim Mountain Man Rendezvous that is held every Memorial Day weekend in Blacksmith Fork Canyon.  You don't have to dress up to attend, but if you do dress in period costume you get in for free (an excellent excuse to break out all that gear you have stuffed in the back of your closet from pioneer trek).  To get there, drive South to Hyrum and turn left at the stoplight by the McDonalds, follow that road into the canyon and watch for the signs directing you to the turn off for the rendezvous.  It runs today through Monday evening.

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