Thursday, May 30, 2013

Other Emotions Need Animals Too!

I'm a little disappointed that precipifoiled hasn't caught on yet.  I've decided to try and leave my mark on the English language in another way: idioms.

Why exactly do people use the phrase "Bluebird of happiness"?  Has anyone ever seen this alleged animal show up when they were happy?  Correction, has anyone see this alleged animal show up when they were happy and sober?

And if happiness is assigned an animal, why don't other emotions get their own mascots as well?  I'm thinking we could start a whole new trend.  I'm creating new emotion/animal pairings.  Feel free to jump in with your suggestions.

Golden Retriever of Playfulness
Honey Badger of Indifference
Hippopotamus of Awkwardness
Magpie of Greed
Chinese Crested Dog of Embarrassment
Fire Ant of Annoyance
Platypus of Confusion
Sloth of Apathy
Okapi of Shyness
Manatee of Mellowness
Pinter Island Giant Tortoise of Loneliness
Manatee of Mellowness
LOL Cat of Ridiculousness
Unicorn of Awesomeness

You're welcome.

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