Thursday, June 13, 2013

Chinchilla Names - Take 19

Today I went to the Summerfest Art Festival in downtown Logan.  I was there to pick up a hammock swing for a father's day gift for my dad (Totally unpaid and unsolicited plug for these hammock swings, THEY ROCK!  While browsing through the various vendors I came across Jamison Rae Jewelry, and I fell in love with every piece they had on display.  Although I really wanted one of everything, I restrained myself and only purchased one item, this "Kissing Circles" necklace.

When I was making my selection I had the overwhelming urge to yell "MY PRECIOUSSSSS!" every time I found a new piece that struck my fancy.  I'm in love with the whole line of jewelry and feel the desperate need to go back and get some earrings to go with this...and maybe a set of stacking rings...and a bracelet.  this is why I need adult supervision, someone please lock up my credit cards.

So in honor of my latest jewelry fascination I am renaming the chinchillas.  Now they will be known as: Golem and Smeagol.
  1. Gwynn &Cuibhan
  2. Leopold & Loeb
  3. Moto & Guzzi
  4. Lem & Phil
  5. Whip & Lash
  6. Chocolate Chip & Cookie Dough
  7. Honey & Badger
  8. Ebenezer & Jacob
  9. Pete & Repeat
  10. Grinch & Max
  11. LEGEN & DARY
  12. Yin & Yang
  13. Whipper & Snapper
  14. Crack & Head
  15. Scavenger & Hunt
  16. Johnny & Tarr
  17. Legless Pooch &; Headless Jensen 
  18. Pinky & The Brain 
  19. Golem & Smeagol

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