Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sheldon's Quest For World Domination - Part 5

Well, he's at it again.  Sheldon has sent another email.  At least he hasn't started an all out war yet, I was a little worried about that when I got his last email.
"Dear Minions,

It is almost like some people don't WANT to be helped.  I was escorted out of Jerusalem and asked not to return.  The nerve of some people.  While touring the Israeli countryside I happened upon an archaeological dig and decided to offer my assistance.  At last I felt like I could contribute my vast experience and knowledge gained from studying Indiana Jones.  Imagine my annoyance when the Beit Lehi dig had neither Nazis nor aliens, and certainly not spear wielding natives.  It really is a lot more boring the movies.  I've decided to return my efforts to Science and leave archaeology to the amateurs.  My decision has absolutely nothing to do with a certain wild goose chase the archaeologists sent me on in the "donkey stable".  I'm beginning to believe there was no donkey, it was like high school all over again."

Dr. Sheldon Cooper, MSc, PhD"
Here I am exploring the large columbarium.

What kind of a dig are they running here?!?  Tourists can just waltz right in and take photos.  I can't work under these conditions!

Here I am examining Salome's tomb.
Here I am searching for that mythical donkey in the excavated stables.

Who keeps a donkey in an underground cave/tunnel system anyway?

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