Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last Night

Last night I participated in a family tradition.  Every summer my mother and Mrs. Godfrey pick a Monday night for our families to all get together in Green Canyon for a cook out and horseback riding.  Family, friends, food, horses, campfire, hiking, beautiful scenery...it was great.

It also makes it very hard to fathom moving out of state for work, even though the out of state offers I've received are better than anything I've been offered here in Cache Valley.  This morning I interviewed at my #1 choice for a job here in the valley and received the courtesy rejection phone call from this afternoon.  I'm still waiting to hear back from my second interview today, but it isn't looking hopeful.

My brother D's newest hobby is making homemade sodas.  His latest experimental recipes are a ginger ale and a cherry lime soda.  All the brown bottles in these photos are home brew soda...not beer, don't call family services on us!
These girls are ready for the horses to show up!
Showing off his new haircut.

Mrs. Godfrey's famous creamed red potatoes and peas.

I love that she loves catching bugs.
THE CAVE!  A Green Canyon landmark that you have to climb to at least once if you live in Logan.

He has strong feelings about marshmallows.
REALLY strong feelings.
He also dropped trou and started peeing in the middle of the picnic area, in front of everyone.  We all thought it was hilarious, his poor mom did not.
I know they are hard to see but there were swarms of dragonflies overhead all evening, they were beautiful to watch.

We have got to teach him how to dismount properly...right after we teach him to wear long pants and boots when going for a ride!

I got my ride and they didn't even have to pull me off kicking and screaming...although I felt like it.  I don't spend enough time in the saddle, but what little I do I love.

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